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Family Intervention Therapy

Relationships suffer and breakdown but your role as a parent continues. The role of family intervention is to support you both to refocus on the parental pathway. As a team we understand that each situation is complex and unique to your individual family hence we aim to facilitate a bespoke intervention that focuses upon your specific requirements. This includes the offer of age appropriate sessions for your child/ren which focuses upon their specific needs, thoughts and feelings.

Alongside this we will support parents in conflict to understand that the quality of their co-parenting relationship, specifically how they communicate and relate to each other, has a direct impact on children’s long- term mental health and future life chances. We will provide parents with the opportunity to develop skills and strategies to manage parental conflict positively and respond appropriately in the interest of the child/ren. Children will benefit from seeing their parents resolve their differences and disagreements, thus teaching valuable lessons about compromise, negotiation, resolution and reaching agreements.

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Functioning Families is a locally established team with a wealth of experience that recognised the distinct absence of such essential specialist support for families in conflict and navigating separation. We are here to help you use your time and emotions wisely whilst separate successfully.

We offer a strength based approach to assist you to reflect on the positive contributions you have made to the family unit and identify the steps needed to take to establish and maintain positive co-parenting. We will support you to develop a range of effective resolution skills with the aim to safely and respectfully resolve varying levels of conflict.

We will support you to emotionally unpack and process your experience, whilst upskilling you to use improved strategies to establish and maintain positive coparenting, for the benefit of the whole family. Our aim is to give parents the direction they need to allow their child/ren to thrive, not just survive.

Initial assessment session – 1.5hr £210 (includes attendance of both facilitators)

Following an initial assessment session, we will offer an intervention package of tailored sessions to meet the unique needs presented.

Core intervention sessions – 1hr £160 with both facilitators in attendance or £85 with one facilitator present.

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