I work as an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. As part of my degree, I studied various theories and methodologies of differing psychological models.

I take the view that there is seldom one single proven approach when working with a client. We are all uniquely different as individuals and therefore any therapy intervention must reflect this.

My experience as a counsellor has shown me that people enter into counselling for a multitude of reasons. Counselling offers the opportunity to explore issues which concern you, helping you to find ways to deal with difficult issues and circumstances, supporting you where necessary to make changes to enable you to lead a more fulfilling life.

My work will be tailored to your personal needs. I am non judgemental and shall listen to you, developing a deeper understanding of how it feels to be you in your world.

If you are seeking a shorter term ‘solution focussed’ therapy intervention, I would tend to favour my CBT background, working within a framework of six to eight sessions.

If you require a longer term therapy, then I would utilise the various theories and methodologies of psychological models enabling us to explore your world, helping you to understand yourself, your patterns of behaviour and, if you desire, make changes appropriate for you.

My work is open to adult individuals and couples of all orientations/identities and backgrounds.

Julie de Ruiter | Counselling
Julie de Ruiter | Counselling Services