We live in a busy and fast moving world in which our mental wellbeing can be strained or neglected.

Official bodies may be slow in recognising mental health issues or simply do not offer timely or adequate help for your personal circumstances.

Julie de Ruiter | Divorce Coaching, Counselling and Corporate Wellbing.

This is where I can help. My private practice provides a Psychotherapeutic Counselling intervention alongside specialist Divorce and Separation Therapy. Both are tailored to meet your specific requirements in a professional and empathetic manner following strict UKCP guidelines where trust and privacy will be paramount.

In addition to providing therapy services to private clients my Psychotherapeutic Counselling extends to and includes Legal Supervision, Family Therapy and corporate support.

I normally work locally within the Norwich area however corporate support and legal supervision can be delivered nationwide.

For further information and detailed guidance please refer to the relevant sections on this website. I will be more than happy to respond to any questions you may have.

Julie de Ruiter | Counselling